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Teren intravilan de vanzare in zona Negoiesti, Brazi, judetul Prahova

Harta de localizare
Teren intravilan de vanzare in zona Negoiesti, Brazi, judetul Prahova

ID: X00013020

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Suprafata: 77.000 mp
Categorie teren: intravilan
Front stradal: 200 m
Pret mp: 12,5 EUR negociabil
Pret: 962.500 EUR negociabil

Alte informatii
Destinatie: PUZ aprobat pentru destinatie industriala.
Utilitati: Energie electrica, apa, gaze, telefonie.
Terenul este intravilan, scos din circuitul agricol.

The piece of land occupies an area of around 7.70 ha, located in the geographical centre of Romania, with nearby rail and railway junctions offering it distinct logistical advantages.
Already scheduled infrastructural development will place this particular piece of land at a strategic location, in the near vicinity of the future Bucharest-Brasov highway, which will form the backbone of Romania's North-South terrestrial transportation axis.

The inbound and outbound auto-routes are designed to allow heavy and extremely heavy traffic, which reflects positively on the chance that any business development in the area is authorised by the National Administration of Roads or by traffic studies concerning land
access to the property.

The close proximity (100-200m) of a power transformation facility of the highest capacity constitutes an important economic advantage, significantly reducing the costs of access to high-voltage electric power for any industrial business development on the location.

Water and gas supply are present in the neighbouring village, within a range that doesn't exceed 1000m. Sewage access, while not currently available, constitutes the object of EU-funded development projects (under the Sapard Programme) that will bring it within similar range.

Additionally, water may be obtained directly from the sub-soil, only minimal drilling depth and expenses being necessary for that.

Nearby villages, with a total population in excess of 20,000, as well as the suburbs of Ploiesti can supply significant manpower to any business on the location. The availability of labour is further increased by the fact that many of the local population have been hit by recent
massive waves of layoffs during the last ten years.

Nearby geological studies have established that, after removing the 40-60cm deep fertile layer, the land is suitable for being built on.
The property is owned by a sole landlord, which may considerably speed up any transfer of property, as well as simplify the terms and conditions of such transfer.

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